Director of Photography
Chris McDaniel
I’m a traveling DP/Camera Operator for documentary and reality television.

I’ve worked with networks like Netflix, HBO, Bravo, HGTV, Discovery, Travel Channel, History Channel, NatGeo, and many more.

My style is organic, yet cinematic. With over 20 years of professional experience, I know how to employ the best practices and tools to tell your stories properly and poetically.

I’m producer-minded and confident in both single and multi-camera situations.

Aside from directing thoughtful scene coverage, I specialize in beautiful interview setups and story-motivated, cinematic B-Roll.

Additionally, I do a lot of post production, so always cover scenes with editing in mind, providing as much diverse footage to work with as possible.

My passion for outstanding visuals is only rivaled by my deep appreciation for tech, so I’m always up-to-date on the latest trends in cameras, production equipment and practices.

I’m proactive, a problem solver, team player, and always bring a positive attitude to set.

Let's work together!

My work:

Celebrity Reality Series (DP)

Deion's Family Playbook

Football star, Deion Sanders is the ultimate dad as he raises 10 kids at home and coaches a high school football team on this reality series for Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network. I ran a 3-camera crew and was challenged to keep up with one of the quickest moving men on and off the field.

Director of Photography for Way Out West on TruTV
Character-driven Outdoor Reality (DP)

Way Out West

Three families of outfitters constantly compete with each other for bragging rights in the mountains of Idaho. This show took our 3-camera crew to high altitudes, deep in the woods, and rushing down raging rivers.

Single-Camera Reality Coverage

WWE: Breaking Ground

This is a scene I covered single-camera for a WWE docu-reality series. This example demonstrates my ability to follow story while providing plenty of support footage to cover the scene.

Single-Camera Documentary Coverage

Cochlear: Teen Music Writing Workshop

This is an example of single-camera, one-man-band corporate video content. Produced, shot, and edited by Chris McDaniel.

Real Estate tour Reel

Real Estate Reel

This is a collection of shots pulled from countless Real Estate walkthroughs I've done over the years. This reel includes residential and commercial properties, mostly filmed for television shows.

Real Estate tour

Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel in Daytona Beach wanted a virtual tour that showed off their new property's iconic design and amenities. This video was created without audio, as it was used for many different applications, such as news media and online outlets. This video features a lot of gimbal and slider camera work.

High-End Company Profile

Design Studio 15

Design Studio 15 is an international interior design firm specializing in high end designs. Owner, Shanna Gatanis wanted a video that captured the energy and creative flow that she has with her staff, mixed with stunning visuals that do justice to her epic interior designs. Produced, shot and edited by Chris McDaniel.

Run and Gun Camera Work

Spartan Race:
Shaun T

This video follows fitness celebrity, Shaun T as he runs a Spartan Race in Florida. This entire video was shot by Chris McDaniel, while running along side of Shaun T as he completed the course.

Multi-Camera Coverage

The Tea

Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris, Breanna Stewart, Dawn Harper Nelson and Nneka Ogwumike come together for an honest conversation on the current state of women’s sports. I was apart of a multi-camera setup here, shooting on an ARRI Aleaxa camera system.

Visual Story Telling

Factur Makerspace

Factur is what's commonly known as a makerspace. Members can use a variety of professional tools and workshop spaces ranging from woodshops to 3D printing labs. The owner wanted to create a video that showcased the many different ways members could create at their facility, while showing makers coming together.

Television B-Roll

Television B-Roll Reel

This is an older camera demo reel filled with television B-Roll and commercial work. Most of this footage was shot at the very beginning of the DSLR video revolution.

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